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The Evil Dead dead opened at this weekend, but most of us will have to wait until April 5th to see if the horror flick lives up to the cult classic. Fortunately, the film’s website lets you explore the haunted cabin that the main characters get holed up in. Get the details after the break.

You’ll get a truly personal experience on when you connect with Facebook. On the site, you can explore the creepy cabin’s living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and the dreaded basement. Most of the rooms are just unique ways to provide information and other content that most film homepages have, but it’s the presentation that impresses. The transition scenes and the creepy background music are haunting and never let you settle in. The basement is the scariest section, which includes the evil Necronomicon book (as seen below). I don’t want to spoil everything the site has to offer, so check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Now you and your family, church, youth group, or ministry can get involved in sending Good and Evil books to prisoners! Contact us to get involved with the Lightbearers Ministry.

Open Hands: Good And Evil Book Review & Giveaway

Title: Code: Veronica (Resident Evil Book 6)
Author(s): S D Perry
Publisher: Titan Books
Availability: Amazon UK   

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“I can’t tell you how excited my husband Judson and I are to get these Good and Evil books to the boys in our local prison. Right here in the small town of Vero Beach, FL there’s a state boys’ prison which houses 500 inmates, ages 14-18 years.”