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Family issues can sever ties between relatives, parents, and children, but what happens when family members who have grown apart ? A Bay Area psychologist told The New York Times that he often hears patients talking about how they heard about a birth or in the family through the social network, and not with a phone call or in-person visit.

The most common family issues that occur in blended families are always related to children. I will expose a few common family issues in the next words and I will also try to give some solutions to them.

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    Most of the family issues that you will encounter in a blended family will revolve around the children. They will do their best to test out the strength of your relation by placing you and your new husband in impossible situations. They might go as far as to calling their other natural parents and make different scenes at school or in public. If their other natural parents are dead they will invoke their names saying that they were so much better then you or then your husband. You can not do much about this except facing them with a smile and ignoring them when they take such actions. Remember ignoring family issues is not a solution to them and t will never fix it. You have to set up your own methods to deal with these family problems, ones which suit your particular situation. For example, you can have family meetings where each of you gets to discuss what bothers them about the others; this should be done in a calm and respectful way, considering others feelings; the children could be rewarded when they show common sense and politeness towards their new siblings and step parents, with something like a , or some other symbolic reward you come up with. The rewards shouldn’t be material, because they can lead to further confusion, making the children act pollite just to receive candy and thus learn that you can deceive others; another problem which could occur are arguments between children about who got more or better rewards, so it is better to use something like a family life merit badge, or a chart with star points.

    Fortunately, resolving family issues require the cooperation of everyone in the family, and this provides a great opportunity to strengthen family ties and interactions.