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Portraits of Famous People

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Here is my introduction to 10 famous portrait photographers. They have all produced fantastic collections of work, which I hope you'll enjoy exploring as much as I have!

The famous portrait photographers on this list are masters at capturing those telling, unguarded moments that suddenly bring people to life, and combining this with an artist's sense of form, texture, light and so on.

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This list of famous portraitists has been compiled by our Editor Neil Collins MA LLB. It represents his personal view of the ten best exponents of portrait art. Naturally, like any such compilation it reveals more about the personal tastes of the compiler than the portrait painters being ranked.

After a conventional start as a religious painter in Milan, Arcimboldo was appointed court painter to the Imperial court in Prague, where he was able to give full expression to his range of artistic talents. He became involved in costume and stage design, wrote a treatise on the theory and practice of fine art, and became the official art agent for the Emperor. He also invented a completely new genre of portrait painting, which involved the arrangement of flowers, fruits, animals, books and other everyday objects - into a recognizable human portrait, typically with allegorical meanings. The results of this naturalist-Mannerist style are nothing short of amazing, and - as a piece of creative visual art - rank with the finest examples of Surrealism, if not at times Dadaism. Considering that all this was achieved some four centuries before the arrival of Salvador Dali, Arcimboldo must surely rank as one of the greatest and most innovative of portrait artists since the Renaissance.

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Here are some collection of Famous Portraits of Iconic People. Next week, we will post some more collection. Please list your most favorite portraits in comment section.

Eve Arnold is one of the most famous portrait photographers to have represented Magnum. She is especially well known for her brilliant shots of Marilyn Monroe, many of which were taken in 1960 on the set of "The Misfits".