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Fangoria And Rue Morgue Magazine

Alternative duet from Spain Fangoria was formed after Alaska y Dinarama broke up in the late '80s. Its name was based on a popular horror magazine published in the U.S. Led by Olvido Gara and Nacho Canut, the band released Salto Mortal in 1990, with the hit song "Hagamos Algo Superficial y Vulgar." Moving further away from the new wave style they played earlier, the two-piece act released two experimental EPs called Un Dia Cualquiera En Vulcano 1.0 and Un Dia Cualquiera En Vulcano 2.0 in 1992. In 1997, Gara and Canut participated in ex-Kaka de Luxe Carlos Berlanga's album.

A year later, Fangoria released Interferencias. A host of albums followed in the coming years, including 2001's Naturaleza Muerta and 2009's Absolutamente, along with a selection of mixes.

In 2010 the triple disc compilation El Paso Trascendental Del Vodevil A La Astracanad was issued. It contained not only hits, but rarities and re-recordings of 15 songs. A live album Operación Vodevil followed in 2011. In 2013, Fangoria released Cuatricromía that pushed near the top of the charts and was followed by an international tour.

While the band perfromed intermittently over the next couple of years, they didn't issue another record until 2016's Canciones Para Robots Románticos. Released by Warner in February, it reached the top of the Spanish charts in March. ~ Drago Bonacich, Rovi

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Fangoria And Rue Morgue Magazine

Fangoria And Rue Morgue Magazine

FANGORIA #327 (an extra-page special) doesn’t hit the shelves or arrive in your mailbox till next month, but we’ve got the first peek at the full contents and a cover featuring twice the terror!

Fangoria magazine is a publication dedicated to providing its readers with the latest information about horror in society. In each issue you will be able to read about the latest horror movies, television shows, books, art, and many other aspects of culture. There area also many regular columns that you will enjoy reading in each issue. Order your discount Fangoria magazine subscription today!