Je Te Croquerai ! - Mes Contes Favoris (French Edition)


Display the total favorite count for a post.

Only the first "Found it!" log (or the equivalent "smiley" log for Webcam and Event Geocaches) that you post to the geocache page counts toward your total Favorite Points; duplicate finds are not calculated. Finds on geocaches that you own are also not included. The result is that your Favorite Points count may be slightly less than 10% of your total geocache finds.

Since the point of Favorites is to recommend great caching experiences to others, it doesn't really make sense to spend a Favorite point on an event which has already taken place. For this reason Event Geocaches do not accept the awarding of Favorite Points. Be sure to tell the event host how much you enjoyed the event in your geocache log.

That movie is a great favorite with audiences everywhere.

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  • Ich finde das lied ist eins der besten von favorite =)

    Yes - for first-time subscriptions! If you upgrade to Premium Membership we will add up your past geocaching finds and award Favorite Points accordingly. From there you can visit the geocache pages you found while still a Basic Member and "spend" the Favorite Points on the best ones. However, if your subscription lapses for any reason, you will not be granted Favorite Points until you renew your Premium Membership. At which time the Favorite Points will start accruing again. You are only prorated Favorite Points the first time you subscribe.

    When a geocache is archived the Favorite Point remains with the geocache. Removing a Favorite Point from an archived geocache and awarding it to a new one is up to you. Visit your Favorites List and look for geocaches with the red indicating that they are archived, and then remove the geocache from your Favorites List to free up the Favorite Point. There is nothing wrong with leaving a Favorite Point on an archived geocache if you prefer it.