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I love reading non-fiction books to my children, and they love listening to them. We learn together about new people, animals, places or adventures and what we read often provokes interesting discussions afterwards.

Non-fiction picture books are an excellent way of introducing your child to inspirational true-life characters who can demonstrate just what we are capable of if we have vision and determination. Complex themes, which children might otherwise have difficulty engaging in, are often approached with great success in non-fiction picture books. Authors of such books are masters at simplifying messages and presenting facts in a compelling and absorbing way. The pictures draw your child into what could otherwise be a fairly dry subject.

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This post is a part of . We have currently read this year out of our goal of 50. Check out the for some amazing suggestions for other non-fiction books. There are tons I want to get my hands on that I hope J will let me read with her.

Discovering all of the information about the Titanic has really got J thinking. She is deeply saddened by the loss of life. She doesn’t understand how the Captain could make such bad decisions. In her words, “if you were sailing in the North Atlantic, would you put the ship on high speed?” She thinks that no ships should be allowed to sail in the North Atlantic during iceberg season. It really has been great for her to tackle a non-fiction subject like this, so I thought that I would share some of the fiction and non-fiction books that we have managed to find recently.