I would watch any of these before Paul Finebaum. How about you?

My Conference Can Beat Your Conference: Why the SEC Still Rules College Football


Paul Finebaum was a busy man at SEC Media Days.

What a difference a day can make. Yesterday, Finebaum was counting on a dejected Bob Stoops taking Parthian shots at the SEC. Today, he's not sure Nick Saban is even the best coach in his own state.

Ultra-troll Paul Finebaum, who has mastered the art of spinning his own opinion as the most important of the day on any subject, turned his cannons on Johnny Manziel on Wednesday. Well, Manziel and his phone.

“What is your sexual preference, anyway, Glen?” Finebaum asked.

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  • “Did they die?” Finebaum asked.

    Finebaum actually got DOUBLE STOOPSED. after the game by saying, "Paul Finebaum slanders us every time he's on the radio." The postgame celebration was all trash talk. , while Tennessee coach Butch Jones told Oklahoma star Eric Stryker to "have some damn class."

    The New Yorker is a standard-bearer of American literary reportage. The Paul Finebaum Radio Network, Alabama talk radio's most popular source for sports-related Southern exceptionalism, is, uh, not. But that doesn't mean the two can't make a happy pair.