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Fiona Apple: [Nodding] Or normal plus famous equals special.

It seems like just the other night I was telling a friend, “I’m really not that BIG of a music guy.” Yet here I am writing about music again because in my head Fiona Apple and Brandi Carlile are having a huge Seinfeldian cat fight. MEOW.

Fiona Apple threw it way back on Friday when she joined folky Americana band/collective Watkins Family Hour on the latest to perform a pair of very old-school folk songs.

Birth Name: Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart

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  • Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart (, de é uma , e .

    Directed by Moore, the video is a shot-by-shot remake of Fiona Apple's “” video. The single is featured on Apple's debut album Tidal, which turned 20 this past weekend. "Fiona Apple has always been a huge influence for me musically, and I knew I wanted to pay homage to my favorite '90s music videos," Moore said. "So when I realized the 'Criminal' video had a lot of similar visual and lyrical themes about vague sexual exploits that aren't what they seem and are confusing and frustrating, it all clicked."

    Much of this is true. Some is sort of true. Some is false. But in the busy, greedy, impatient '90s, we become whatever may be written about us in one or two perky paragraphs, and hers might lead one to believe that Fiona Apple is either a precocious, calculating prodigy or an unbalanced, ungrateful freak. That is the great sucker punch of modern celebrity: It draws in the Fiona Apples of this world with that most wonderful of all promises – to be understood – and yet humans are still to invent a quicker, more-efficient method of being misunderstood by the greatest possible number of people than Becoming Famous in America. Fiona Apple has been discovering this for herself.