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In the days before smartphones, you kept your fitness diary in a notebook. And they still work really well. Obviously, they don’t automatically generate graphs, send you a daily reminder to hit the gym, or let you get immediate information about the likely impact of a particular exercise, but what they do really well is allow you to add commentary.

If you’re in any way serious about , then keeping a log of your workouts is something that you need to consider. A fitness diary is something that you can use as a motivational tool, and also as a reminder. Most importantly, a fitness diary is a way of recording your progress towards a specific goal.

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    I am a big fan of a fitness diary, especially if you are a beginner. I started one after having Mr 2 because I was working out and it felt like it wasn’t making a difference. So I figured if I could look back over what I had done that week I could see what worked and what didn’t. Then I learnt I was having more days off than actually getting off my butt and working out. I was able to adjust my habits. So by keeping the diary it made me more accountable and was there in black and white what I had done for the week. If I did nothing on a day I wrote too lazy then the goal became not to have 2 days or more in a week with too lazy written on them.

    A set of numbers don’t tell a story. Make sure you include how the workout felt in your fitness diary so that you can get an understanding of how you’ve improved. If the run felt hard at the 5 mile mark, write it down. If you struggled to manage 10 reps, say so.