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Flush by Carl Hiaasen

Flush By Carl Hiaasen

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Flush by Carl Hiaasen





Flush by Carl Hiaasen - Chapter 1 summary and analysis


Flush by Carl Hiaasen
The writer creates very realistic characters in a story that doesn't normally happen, but it could. Dusty Muleman is a bit of a snitch while he is killing the ocean and polluting the water. Though there are many things included in this book, it all circles around water. Can I do 10 thumbs up?

Flush by Carl Hiaasen - Noah's dad, Paine, is passionate about saving the local Florida wildlife. But he ends up in jail trying to stop a casino boat from releasing the effluent from its toilets directly into the water. Noah and his sister, take up the fight on Dad's behalf. With the help of Shelly, they have a plan, to sneak a huge load of coloured dye into the toilets.

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  • $8.30 FREE SHIPPING Flush By Carl Hiaasen, (paperback), Yearling , New, Free Shipping Flush by Carl Hiaasen, (Paperback), Yearling , New, Free Shipping Bestselling novelist Carl Hiaasen is back with another hysterical mystery adventure for young readers, set in the Florida Keys. Noah's dad has a little problem with anger control. He t...
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