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Forbidden Magic (Wing Slayer Hunter)


would love to get my hands on Forbidden Magic, by Jennifer Lyon

Forbidden Magic Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.9 Minecraft Download is naturally an add-on for the Thaumcraft mod. It usually adds a bit of magical options which can be used through the wands. The different spells require different recipes which grants unbelievable powers to the players. There are some extra-ordinary rituals which will bring other units into your possession.

Finally finished! This was definitely a fun mod to make and it's given me lots of ideas for Forbidden Magic Spell Pack 2. I want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who has and will endorse, comment, and download this mod. I make mods for you guys, so it's always awesome when I get to hear from you!

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BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
What do you do when the one person who can save you, runs from you? But the one person you want, the one that is always there, the one willing to do anything and everything for you just might be the only one to really save you? This is the very problem the Ram finds himself in, in Forbidden Magic. His soul mirror witch, has deserted him, left him to deal with the curse and his demons on his own. Ram feels the pull to the one witch that can save him and his soul, but his heart has other plans. Ram’s heart belongs to someone he can never have. Ginny knows that it is just a matter of time before she gives in to her father’s demands. But she is not in any hurry. Although being around Ram is very tempting for her to break her own rules. When Ginny’s father blackmails her and gives her no choice, by threatening the two men she cares about the most on this earth, her brother Eli and the man she is head over heels in love with Ram, Ginny finally realizes that her father has won. Fate always seems to have a way of knowing what and who is best for you. But what happens when Fate is wrong? What happens when your heart won’t let fate win? What happens when you love the wrong person so much, it makes it is so very right? If you want the answers to these questions you need to pick up a copy of Forbidden Magic. And see who wins, Love or Fate.... Huge thank you to Jennifer Lyon for allowing me to read Forbidden Magic early. And for totally sucking me back into the world of the Wing Slayer Hunters and reminding me of how very much I love this series. This novella took me on a wild, tortuous journey with Ram & Ginny and left me dying for more..

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This one is the most simple of the Forbidden Magic and if cast, the user will instead switch places with the dead person and die themself. used this in hopes of awakening after she passed away from her illness. Momoko's crystal shattered and she didn't succeed in reviving Monroe. Because she used forbidden magic and broke her crystal, she lost the right to continue her witch apprenticeship; however the Queen gave her a second chance.

The first book I contracted was Blue Ridge Fear, but due to editing and scheduling differences, my fantasy paranormal Forbidden Magic was actually released first.