✿ Forever Odd ~ by Dean Koontz ✿

Forever Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel


Forever Odd - 3.5 out of 5 stars

Datura, the phone sex dominatrix (no, really) who's kidnapped Danny in order to get to Odd, is removed as a threat by being eaten by a MOUNTAIN LION before Odd's very eyes (no, really). That's the point where the book completely jumped the shark for me.

Hey, Forever Odd. How ya doin'? Good? Yeah? Look, I'm just gonna come out and say it, things just aren't working out. It's not you, it's me.....

Favorite parts from Forever Odd:

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'Forever Odd is moving, impressive and surprisingly subtle' SFX Praise for the Odd Thomas series: 'The result is a blend of humour, humanity and horror, the classic Koontz concoction' The Times 'Odd Thomas is a superb character' Independent Praise for Dean Koontz: 'Dean Koontz is not just a master of our darkest dreams, but also a literary juggler' The Times 'Psychologically complex, masterly and satisfying' New York Times

The plot was so much better in this novel as well, I thought. I was hooked after the first couple of chapters whereas with the first in the series I found it took me ages to get into the story even a little bit. I felt the surroundings in Forever Odd made all the difference. The first setting when Odd begins his trip are the underground drainage system beneath Pico Mundo which are huge and cavernous and seem to be miles and miles long. They first instilled in us this sense of foreboding and anticipation that continued for nearly the whole book. They were a creepy place to be in and Odd, although he never faltered on his quest, felt as uncomfortable as the reader to be down there.