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Found: The Missing, Book 1 - Book Review

Whilst at times it may seem like The Distance Between Lost and Found is just about trying to survive in the wilderness, trying to rely on each other, it's much more than that. It would have been a great story still if it wasn't, but I think the touching storyline and fantastically developed characters and back-story (for everyone, not just Hallie) was what made The Distance Between Lost and Found a book I won't be forgetting anytime soon.

I really liked this book, because the author is so creative with what could have been the lives of Mileva, Albert, and Lieserl. This book comes to life with all the descriptions used to help us visualize what Mileva, Albert, and Lieserl were all going through. For example, Jonah was being chased by Mileva’s father because he thought Jonah kidnapped Lieserl, so the search party ran after him with torches. Another reason I found this book entertaining was because even though Katherine was a year younger than Jonah, but she was able to make sense out of the confusing laws of time travel much better than Jonah could. She helped him to comprehend the more confusing parts. A third reason I liked this book was because I felt like I was heading back in time almost, I was so intrigued with the story line that I completely forgot where I was and it was like I was a part of the story. When Jonah and Katherine were going through time in a bright white light, in my mind I could picture that, and when they crash landed on the grass, I could imagine it so clearly. It is so easy to get so caught up in a book that you’re actually in the book. That’s why I enjoyed this book so much.

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Based on Davy Rothbart's popular Found books, magazines, tours and appearances on This American Life comes a new musical comedy about the things we've lost and the ways they bring us together.
Tony-nominated book writer Hunter Bell joins composer/lyricist Eli Bolin and director Lee Overtree in creating a semi-autobiographical account of Davy's life and loves, set against a backdrop of the hilarious and heart-breaking real notes and letters from the pages of Found Magazine, as they come to life on stage. Presented by an award-winning team of producers, writers and designers, FOUND explores both the objects and the people we encounter along our way, and reveals the stories hidden in plain sight in the world around us.

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