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Arthur and the True Francine (An Arthur Adventure)


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* Feeling Flush: When Elwood City experiences a drought, Francine bets Arthur that her family can use less water than his. But Francine is shocked to learn that, despite her conservation efforts, her water meter levels are twice as high as Arthur's! What's going on at the Frensky household? Will Francine find out who's behind the flushing frenzy?
* Family Fortune: The TV show, Treasure Caravan, is coming to Elwood City! Arthur and D.W. are convinced that in Grandma Thora's attic they'll find treasures that will make them famous on TV - and rich beyond their wildest dreams. But what they really discover is that family history and cultural traditions are far more precious.

"Arthur's Birthday"Title Card: Arthur Swims by and Says "Hi!"
Card Reader: Francine"Francine Frensky, Superstar"Title Card: Francine Gongs Arthur
Card Reader: Binky

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  • "Arthur's Birthday"

    Title Card: Arthur Swims by and Says "Hi!"
    Card Reader: Francine

    "Francine Frensky, Superstar"

    Title Card: Francine Gongs Arthur
    Card Reader: Binky

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    The next day, in Arthur's yard, Francine then reveals to Arthur that she now has her own bedroom, and Arthur says it's like Catherine has moved out of the house. But still shares her bedroom with her sister , and suggests that she should have her own room herself, so that Kate does not bother her anymore, which is the garage. Francine tells Arthur her room looks too empty, and Arthur suggests she needs some more stuff.

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