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Man at Bath


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Good news for Francois Sagat fan, this unique gay porn star bottoms again in new movie and he gets pounded by cute newcomer Viktor Jones ().

” the journey of James, a young man abducted between ocean and land, by an alien antity native of the Triangulum Galaxy. He returns from his intradimensional passage, transformed and redesigned by the inhabitants of the planet Sagatruss – wandering between countryside and city. Meanwhile the promise of his way to leave the planet Earth forever. ” FRANCOIS SAGAT

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Movie Title: Incubus 2
Starring: Casey Williams, Francois Sagat
Categories: Anal Sex, HD-720p, Oral Sex, Outdoors, Pissing, Rimming
Director: Francois Sagat
Studio: TitanMen
Length: 23 min 10 sec

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Francois Sagat towers over modern erotica like the Eiffel Tower over Paris -- a distinct figure with an unforgettable sculpted frame! Francois came to work for Raging Stallion in the fall of 2005 and even from the start it was clear his work would stand the test of time. Francois tops and bottoms, and is comfortable in basic sexual situations as well as the hardcore environment. Appearances in Hard As Wood, Hole Sweet Hole, and Arabesque confirm his broad sexual talents and demonstrate that at least some pretty boys are indeed filthy sluts!

Francois Sagat is a star of meteoric proportions. When I first saw Sagat, he was much younger and I INSTANTLY KNEW that he would appeal to the masses unlike most (if not all) other performers. I just hope that he remains somewhat "grounded" as an "iconic superstar" because I believe that it is virtually improbable to not let the fame take hold. The thing that may be a distraction/detriment to his status could be the very thing that made him (aside from overexposure) his sexuality. There is a scene in which he passionately french kisses a beautiful woman (they made out like it was the last supper) which may make some in the gay community question his statements that he is gay....although I personally don't care one way or the other, because no matter who FRANCOIS SAGAT KISSES/FUCKS he will always be [ARGUABLY?] ONE OF, IF NOT THEEE SEXIEST SEXUAL MAN IN OUR LIFETIME. Francois a very shrewd businessman and is doing EXACTLY as I thought he would: HE HAS HYPNOTIZED US INTO HIS PANTING, LUSTFUL, SLAVES! I FOR ONE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR AMAZING GIFT TO THE WORLD FRANCOIS.