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Smartphones are the need of hour for many. Though a few own the basic models, they are not in the trend anymore. Also, the Smartphones can be packed with the apps that make the life easier. There are apps for getting to know the caves in your area, distance measuring app, apps for learning to dance, apps for workouts and diets and you can find an app for any reason. There are also apps that are meant for Smartphones to know about the synonyms and meanings. The free dictionary apps for various OS are available and the best part is that you get these apps for free.

– This free dictionary can be used for Nokia devices, and this is the perfect one for your Nokia Smartphones and mobile devices. The advantage of using this Dictionary app is that its usability, which is easy. Even when you type the words, instant searching makes it easy to start the search and get the right results. The app has both thesaurus and dictionary. The app can be supported with touch screen, classic keyboard and a Qwerty keyboard. Over 10,000 entries in English are offered, and these boots faster. This compressed free dictionary app is available in 5 font sizes. It also has a free ad supported version.

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I don’t know that you’ll be using The Free Dictionary enough to make customizing the page worth it, but keep this in mind as something you are able to do if you want to. You can add, remove, drag and drop the different elements of TFD so it’s set up just the way you’d like it to be. You can also view weather info, your bookmarks, and RSS feeds, right from the page.

– This free dictionary app assures to bring the synonyms and meanings of the words in almost all the programs. This app has both the thesaurus and dictionary and it works offline too. This app allows you to get references from Wikipedia. This high performance software gets you definitions and related words and synonyms. This app also lets you to know the right pronunciation by allowing accessing 5000 audio pronunciations and 65000 text pronunciations. Also available are 150000 root words, and 120000 synonym sets. You can also get full audio and dictionaries of Oxford and Chambers. This app works online and is available for free for Windows 7, XP, Vista and 8. No threats of virus and spyware.