...And 3 Things That Only Froning Can Get Away With Doing


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See Froning describe a CrossFit workout, below:

3. Don't put a ceiling on what you can do.
Think there's a limit to how fast your mile time can be? The weight you can squat? Froning calls bullshit. In CrossFit specifically, where sprint times have crept down and the amount of weight up, "I don't think we'll see a plateau or a limit. Your body's an amazing machine and it's created to do stuff. See what you can get out of it."

1. "I don't really have a routine. I make it up on the fly, or whatever feels right, I'll do."
For most of us, that means hitting snooze or doing anything else besides go to the gym. That feels pretty right. While brainstorming a workout plan seconds before the warm-up may work for Froning, an overwhelming amount of research indicates that you'll be more likely to actually exercise — and you'll push yourself harder and longer when you're there — by writing down exactly what you want to accomplish, starting with a long-term goal, then breaking that down into short-term goals with week-by-week benchmarks.

Some of Froning's methods are discussed in his 2013 memoir, .

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    3. "I don't take rest days."
    Maybe we don't have to talk you out of following this one? Froning's superhuman genetics may allow for nonstop training, zero recovery, and constant gains, but the rest of mankind should take at least one, if not two, complete days off each week to allow muscle repair, and to keep seeing results.

    Rich Froning Jr. is upside down, hands on the floor, heels against a wall, calmly explaining the challenges of handstand pushups. "Your whole body should be rigid," he tells me. "Brace your core and clench your glutes. Trust your strength and, of course, remember to breathe."