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The graphics are crisp and clear, but pretty basic. No fancy explosions or combos or anything to see here. The sound effects are actually pretty good, though they don’t really have much to do with the type of game Mental Blocks is. Unfortunately there is no music, and the pacing of the game is such that it really could use something playing in the background.

I've watch a lot of gaming video's here on YouTube and I always see certain people writing negative comments on peoples gaming video's. I never understood why but I found a name for them and I call them "Game Blockers."

Please check out the YouTuber's below. In no particular order, these gamers are some of my favorite video game enthusiast on YouTube. I hope you enjoy my video and if you leave a negative comment, then you are a "Game Blocker."

1. Captain8Bit

2. PeteDorr

3. Lukemorse1

4. Gamester81

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