Game Of Death

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Much like the original , there are several cuts of Game of Death II.

I really this these battles in the pagoda were starring Bruce Lee at his best, it just breaks my heart to see what they have done of it in the Game of Death… 🙁

It’s all the more sad that they made this movie that the original footage of Bruce Lee’s Game of Death (which is I believe available on Youtube) just kicks ass ! In my opinion they should have released it as it was, even though it is only like 30 minutes long…

Fondest memory of Game of Death;”You lose… Carl Miller!”

Yay! You're now following game of death in your .

Game of Death was horribly done. I have the first box set that has Chinese Connection, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, a special DVD and of course Game of Death.

Had no idea Game of Death 2 was that entertaining. Was still pretty pissed off about the 1st G.O.D., guess I should check it out. Thanks for another great review!