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Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Chocolate, 650 Gram

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Super Snooper writes regular shopping bargain articles and reviews for NCFP. She is a dedicated shopper who hates to buy anything for more than she needs to and likes to tell others about her research and savings. In this article she tells you about any Garden Bargains Sale offers plus Mini Orchard Fruit Tree Collection bargains.

I received the trees and planted them up and three of the trees burst into life immediately, in fact one was growing when it arrived. Unfortunately the conference pear tree showed no signs of life. I contacted Garden Bargains by email and was assured that it was probably just dormant and to give it a little more time, this I duly did. Time went on and no signs of life so I contacted Garden Bargains by phone to advise that it still showed no signs of life. Was advised that they were currently out of stock and they would contact me when they could replace the tree.

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    Lead the Good Life was launched in early 2008 and quickly established itself as one of the UK’s leading garden retailers, selling live plants (including grow-your-own products) through their website and by mail order. They have a great selection of seeds and plants available including a fantastic range of vegetables and fruit-trees, as well as Mediterranean and other exotic flowers and architectural plants. Many of their products can also be grown in a small garden, on a patio or balcony! As official publishers for the company we currently promote any Garden Bargains Sale item that interests us andthe Mini Orchard Fruit Tree Collection.

    I have been a loyal customer over the years but I will not use this company again, I believe even the company name Garden Bargains is a dubious and misleading statement.