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Gary Fincher busted for veterans scam

Now I think we have to wonder, is Andy Jacobs just an unwitting dupe of these ZOG, Mossad and CIA/NSA Commissars, or is he actually a paid agent? There’s certainly a good chance Andy Jacobs is gathering names for ZOG/Mossad/US puppet government spooks (by which I don’t necessarily mean niggers) so they can round up and slaughter goyim who escape the herd mentality. Do not trust him or his criminal associates such as convicted felon forger Paul Frankel, current Bristol County MA jail inmate Gary Fincher (up on grand larceny charges), rental car thief Jake Witmer, or drug trafficker Mark Pickens. If they want you real name, whether for criminal or government espionage purposes or both, it’s probably not a good thing for them to have it.

Now that we know that these criminal homos are lying about their ongoing relationship with busted scumbag Gary Fincher it’s just a matter of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Who wants to place bets on how long it will take the rest of the gang to be apprehended by police?

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Marriage Date 04/14/1973
Husband Gary D Fincher
Husband Born 1951/1950
Wife Julia K Smith
Wife Born 1956/1955
Certificate Number 036354

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