“A gay erotic comics character that smiles

How to Kill A Superhero: A Gay Bondage Manual (Gold Apocalypse) (Volume 1)


but he’s been my favorite gay erotica artist for awhile.

Fortunately, Tom's work has gained a level of respect over the past few decades. I hope to see the same thing happen to the greats in the gay erotic comics field that followed him and expended the art form.

Kake is the silent leading man of many of Tom’s comics –- a muscular moustachioed leatherman who stumbles into sex wherever he goes and always has a smile on his face. The smile is important. The smile makes it fun. “A gay erotic comics character that smiles. That alone makes him important to me,” said writer Dale Lazarov.

The Erotic Gay Comics and Art of Patrick Fillion

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    You'll find all of that and much more in the Art of Patrick Fillion -- One of today's most noted artists of Gay male Erotica.

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    How far back do you intend to go (historically)?
    If you look at current superhero comics, your research will continually bring you back to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. When it comes to gay erotic comics, all roads lead back to Tom of Finland. Tom loved drawing comic stips in Finland as a boy in the 1920s. He never forgot his love of comics when his work became erotic. His art is beautiful and he's a gifted storyteller with an knack for making sexual connections fun and playful. Just about everyone working in gay erotic comics has been influenced, directly or indirectly, by Tom of Finland.