TV anchor’s murder reveals Dominican capital’s cruel, gay underworld

Prince Eddy and the Homosexual Underworld


and Bonding: The Balcony: Jean Genet's Play of the Gay Underworld

The author is a police officer himself who became interested in Vietnam's gay underworld while reporting on crime for the police newspaper in Ho Chi Minh City. He says he took a risk writing the book, knowing many would brand him as gay, something he's continuously forced to deny. But he said it was time for an honest discussion of the topic. Screenwriter Tran Thuy Linh said it was hard to adapt the subject for TV viewers who see men as the supreme power and breadwinner of the family and
cannot accept them as having "more of a tendency of a woman." Most of the TV plot centers around the crimes, with only a couple of scenes revealing subtle hints of gay affection. The author says the book and the TV adaptation are a good start. He's discussing a feature-length film and has finished another book called , which prints excerpts of letters the author has received from gays not only in the more liberal Ho Chi Minh City but throughout Vietnam and abroad.

Just days before Pope Benedict became the first pontiff to resign in 600 years, his office was embroiled in yet another intrigue -- this time involving the discovery of an alleged gay underworld in the Vatican.

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    Pope Benedict cited his failing health -- a lack of strength of body and mind specifically -- as the reasons he is unable to appropriately fulfill the ministry that was entrusted to him. The next pope, said to be elected before Holy Week at the end of the month, will be handed the 300-page report detailing corruption issues, including information about this alleged gay Vatican underworld.

    The former gay porn actor has described his own journey into the darkest core of the gay underworld in the Castro District of San Francisco in the early 90’s as like being “” – the title of his new book, in which he recounts his experiences.