Geomag Panels 180 piece set includes:

Geomag 68-Piece Construction Set with Assorted Panels - Mentally Stimulating for Children and Adults - Safe and High Quality Construction - For Ages 3 and Up


Geomag Panels - 180 pc - Fat Brain Toys

Geomag Panels sets consists of sticks, balls AND panels, not just the panels on their own. Some of the Customer Reviews, Photos and Videos below refer to , also available from Firebox.

Quick clip showing construction of the Geomag KIDS Panels sphere seen on the front of the Geomag item 365 set.
The clip shows how the sphere is built in layers for speed.
You will need 60 rods, 6 square panels and 20 triangle panels.
The same model can also be built with the short Geomag Pro rods and even without the triangle panels.
Have fun!

GEOMAG Panels - Sphere - YouTube

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    This new platform makes it possible to build even bigger and more stable constructions. Magnetic forces and geometrical shapes bring the Geomag Panels to life. Easy and fun let loose your creativity free. The bright, transparent panels make your creations stronger and help them take shape with colored triangle, square and pentagon-shaped panels.

    3 years +
    This Geomag Kids Panels 180 pcs open-ended magnetic construction toy is a great way to encourage fine motor skill development and critical thinking!