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first ‘Mein Kampf’ reprints hit German bookstores | Pakistan Today

That any German bookstore would carry even a single copy of Mein Kampf — even a reprint peppered with criticism — irks Ulrich Ripke, a 42-year-old teacher from Berlin.

A reprint of Adolf Hitler's notorious autobiography, Mein Kampf, or "My Struggle," is for sale in German bookstores today for the first time in 70 years.

Photo: 'Mein Kampf' hits German bookstores / Other News

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Angst as first 'Mein Kampf' reprints hit German bookstores | Zee News

He said if the Munich institute wants to put out a critical edition of Mein Kampf, it should do so without the original text — rather than putting Hitler's hateful manifesto back in German bookstores.

This German bookstore chain has a good Web site. All kinds of books in many categories. You can even read sample chapters with their Leseprobe feature.