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Get Mean is Happening–CrossFit in Manhattan, KS

Get Mean

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Get Mean is Happening–CrossFit in Manhattan, KS

Freakin' Whack-A-Mole

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Get Mean is Happening–CrossFit in Manhattan, KS

Bianca Gets Creative

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Get Mean [Blu-ray + DVD Combo]


Get Mean CrossFit | CrossFit in Manhattan, KS

Trailer for an Italian (Spaghetti Western) film.

Director: Ferdinando Baldi
Starred: Tony Anthony, Lloyd Battista

* Vengeance of the Barbarians
* Time Breaker
* Beat a Dead Horse
* Get Mean: The Dynamite Man

DVD: No official release. Only bootleg DVD-R of old VHS (crappy, best avoided).

Get Mean / Time Breaker
Italy 1976
Director: Ferdinando Baldi
With Tony Anthony, Lloyd Battista, Raf Baldassarre, Diana Lorys, David Dreyer, Mirta Miller, Sherman 'Big Train' Bergman
Screenplay: Ferdinando Baldi , Lloyd Battista, Wolf Lowenthal
Cinematography: Mario Perino
Music: Franco Bixio, Vince Tempera, Fabio Frizzi

The Stranger is given a deal from a Spanish witch to escort the Princess of Spain back to her country. For this, he will be given $50,000. When they get there, the Stranger is hung upside down, shot at with a cannon, turned black, chased by a bull, roasted over a fire, and beaten several times. But (with the biggest arsenal in any of the Stranger films) he returns. And he gets mean...

Get Mean (1976) - Trailer - YouTube

You should get a mean of 37.75 and a standard deviation of 0.5

If a Pokémon traps a target with Mean Look and then switches with Baton Pass the target will no longer be trapped. Pokémon affected by Mean Look can switch out with . Also, and will force the affected Pokémon to switch out.

When an American cowboy stumbles upon a gypsy family in a wind-swept ghost town, they offer him a fortune to escort a princess back to her home in Spain. But this silent Stranger finds himself in over his head (and strung up by his feet) when he gets caught in the middle of an epic battle involving Vikings, the Moors, brutal barbarians, evil spirits, a raging bull, and a diabolical Shakespeare-quoting hunchback. Tired of their never-ending attempts to kill him, the cowboy arms himself to the teeth with guns, dynamite and a special surprise. Now it's the Stranger's turn to GET MEAN!