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Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity


You have completed Getting Things Done.

Without doing the necessary things, it is almost impossible to get things done. Once you have done all above steps then it is time to take the action. You may do in a parallel for actions in the same context and ignored the rest for time being. When we talks “do in parallel”, it comes down to how much time you have, how much energy you have, and how important the things are.

There’s still a problem, though. In my rush to get things done, it can be easy to just let stuff pile up in your inbox. The problem with that is before you know it, you’re right back to where you started, with random thoughts penetrating your focus and slowing you down.


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    I get a lot of email about Getting Things Done (GTD), mostly from people just starting out who have various questions about implementation, starting out, or sticking to the system. I thought I’d start a FAQ to help those with similar questions.

    Getting Things Done succeeds because it first addresses a critical barrier to completing the atomic tasks that we want to accomplish in a given day. That’s “stuff.” Amorphous, unactionable, flop-sweat-inducing stuff. David says: