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Gladiator Profile of Phoenix (Sandy Young) from ITV's Gladiators.

Operation Gladiator Phoenix was a major military exercise in which 70% of the activity will be oriented toward . The remaining 29% of the event's efforts focused on sustaining and capabilities.

Two of last season's female Gladiators are not back this year (more on that a little later on in the post), and Replacement Gladiator Phoenix's name seems to be an awkward symbol of the fact that she has risen from the ashes created by the other ladies' firings. She also has pink hair.

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  • If Gladiator were Star Wars, Commodus would be the Emperor

    In the Gladiators arena Phoenix was focused and determined. Although she was one of the smallest female Gladiators she still had the strength, speed, agility and skill to succeed against the toughest of Contenders.