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The problem solving questions require you to interpret and solve the given problems accurately to derive an answer. You will get five answer choices from which you need to select the correct answer. You need to have strong basis of basic mathematical rules and formulas to be able to answer these questions. As a result, extensive GRE math practice will be very useful. The following pages will help you with GRE math practice for the problem solving questions:

These questions are similar to the previous ones, however, in this case, there can be multiple correct answers and you need to recognize all of them. Here are a few GRE math practice questions of this type:

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    The quantitative comparison questions of the GRE test judges your skills to compare two quantities to determine which one is greater than the other, or if the two quantities are equal. In some cases, the relationship might not be determined from the information provided; in that case, you can select that option from the four choices that you will get. If you need GRE math practice for this type of questions of the GRE test, visit these pages:

    As mentioned before, these questions are new to the revised GRE test. For these questions, you do not have the option for choosing the correct answer from the given answer choices. You have to solve the problem and put down the answer in the answer field. If this new question type seems even more intriguing to you, be sure to have enough GRE math practice for such questions. You can find GRE math practice tests containing such questions on pages below: