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The Art of Growing Bonsai From Seed

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Growing Bonsai Trees from Seed | Garden Guides

Growing bonsai trees from seed entails several aspects, such as obtaining the right seeds, preparing the seeds, using the correct soil and container, employing the appropriate sowing techniques, and proper after . All these issues are discussed briefly below.

Growing your Bonsai trees from seeds is a very rewarding experience. However, it is not the easiest process and it can be up to 15 years before you have a plant that would be a first class Bonsai. If you do not have 15 years to wait please read the posts on cuttings, , Yamadori, or nursery stock.

Video: Growing Bonsai Trees from Seed

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    • Growing Bonsai Trees from Seed
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  • Growing Bonsai Trees from Seeds - The Bonsai Seed

    I’d like to talk for a minute about starting bonsai from seed. This has been something you have probably seen in catalogs and so forth, that you can buy a bonsai kit and grow seeds and so forth. It’s not something that most people like to do simply because it takes so long. For example, here are some seeds. These seedlings were planted about three years ago; these are three year old seedlings. This particular plant was transplanted from one of these seedling beds and planted in a container, a one gallon container, and it is about nine years old. So, ya know, it’s a fun thing to do for a project but for the most part we don’t start growing our bonsai trees from seed. In general. Generally we’ll start by buying a plant from someone else who has either grown the plant from seed or cuttings and has done this work for us.

    I show you some of the basic information about growing bonsai trees directly from seed. You have a lot of choices as to the type of tree seed that you choose. And I have chosen four different types that are very bonsai friendly:
    Chinese Elm
    Japanese Pagoda
    Sacred Japanese Cedar

    Growing bonsai from seed is a long term process because you are growing a tree! But quite possibly the most rewarding way to do it.

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