To Have Kids or Not to Have Kids: Which Is the Better Choice?

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Should You Have a Baby? - Newlyweds Tips and Advice

The decision to have kids or not is a highly personal one, and I would never try to debate you in sociological studies, but I did want to leave these here:

Maybe I’ve missed something in the posts I’ve read here – but they seem to imply an element of choice in the decision to have kids or not to have kids? What about people who end up not being able to make a choice of their choosing? Or is that their choice by default?! Just curious Christine (I like you blog and posts and read it regularly).

7 Reasons NOT To Have Kids - YouTube

I can give you 7 reasons why you SHOULD NOT have kids

And Christine, thanks for sharing your mind and heart. I would never judge you or anyone for their decision to have kids or not. I applaud that you know what you want and can share it on your wonderful blog in such an entertaining way.

For anyone out there seriously on the fence over whether to have kids or not you are welcome to spend the weekend with me and my 15 year old twin daughters, Godzilla and Predator. Fortunately when they fall asleep they change into the lovely children they once were years ago. This gives me hope that one day they will behave like civilized human beings, maybe for several days in a row. Seriously, I love my kids *and* there are many days when I am extremely envious of my friends without children. Only 882 days until high school graduation.