Hazardous Waste in Ontario: Progress and Challenges

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In other words, the broad system of rules to control hazardous waste in Ontario is now in place, but there’s not enough enforcement. Too many small companies are out of compliance and there’s not enough reporting to the public.

CIELAP’s 2000 and 2003 reports concluded that American organizations would continue sending large volumes of certain hazardous wastes to Ontario for cheap disposal as long as the province lacked detailed regulatory standards that matched those south of the border.

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Insider Says: Guidelines from NS and ON give examples of other types of acceptable identification of hazardous waste, including colour coded hazardous waste containers and basic warning signs, such as one that says, “Caution—Hazardous Waste.” These guidelines also note that employers in these jurisdictions aren’t required to use workplace labels or prepare MSDSs.

In September 2007, the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy (CIELAP) published a report — Hazardous Waste in Ontario: Progress and Challenges — by the foundation’s Research Director Maureen Carter-Whitney. The author, an environmental lawyer with a background in legal research and policy analysis who formerly worked with the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, is well qualified to produce such a report. She also teaches environmental law. Lest the report be overly academic, it was given a reality check by well-recognized reviewers with backgrounds ranging from community activism to industrial waste treatment and disposal. They included John Jackson, Lisa Shultz, and Robert Redhead.