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It is important that Healthcare IT Technicians have a good understanding of what client and server applications are; examples of client and server applications are Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Remote Desktop, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). When we run a client or server application on a computer, a port number is assigned to the server application of the Open

Upon completion of this class, students will have the operational, regulatory and security knowledge necessary to provide hardware and software support in medical environments where Electronic Health Record systems are being deployed and maintained. Additionally students should be able to take and pass the Healthcare IT Technician HIT-001 Certification exam.

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    Healthcare IT technicians have to deal with legal issues, whether it is convenient for them or not. They have to be sure they are covered for any possible legal issue that may occur. In order to be prepared for legal issues, healthcare IT technicians need to establish legal best practices and documentation. For example, when you rely upon a vendor

    Being a healthcare IT technician, you need to know access roles and responsibilities of personnel who work in the hospital and where to find them when you require support. These roles and responsibilities are usually outlined in all the systems but HIT technicians will focus on just the EMR/EHR information systems. Following are the responsibilities of the personnel in the