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A Children's Book About LYING (Help Me Be Good Series)

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Help Me Be Good series by Joy Berry - Goodreads

Being Mean, like all the Help Me Be Good books, shows how to turn misbehavior into good behavior. This book shows the damaging effects of cruel behavior and offers ways to avoid being mean to others. For Ages 4-7.

Ms. Berry explains her rationale behind these series. “Children have the ability to be good, and they are often eager to please. However, they often don’t understand their own egocentric or self-centered behavior. This self-centeredness often leads to misbehavior, and the misbehavior often leads to negative responses from others. The purpose of the Help Me Be Good books is to help your child break the cycle of negative action and reaction. Your child will learn how to replace misbehavior with acceptible behavior.”

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    These books were purchase new from Scholastic for my granddaughter, they were never used, they have been sitting on the shelf. They are great books, 29 in all, hardcover, with a parent's guide. The books are all about behavior, a book about lying, throwing tantrums, being bossy, being messy, being rude, being mean, interrupting, cheating, disobeying, being selfish,teasing, being forgetful, being a bad sport, being destructive, snooping,being lazy, breaking promises, showing off,being greedy, fighting, overdoing it, complaining,tattling, whinng, gossiping, being careless, stealing, being wasteful, being bullied. About the Help Me Be Good Books, Each book in this series includes the following four components. These are the building blocks upon which we can establish growth in your child and encourage your child to understand and change negative behaviors into positive,socially acceptable behaviors. Each book does the following:

    Replacing Misbehavior with Good Behavior in Children Ages 5-7, Grades K-2

    The normal egocentricity of young children often leads to misbehavior that evokes negative responses from others. These negative responses can lead to a destructive cycle of negative action and reaction. The purpose of the HMBG products is to break the cycle of negative action and reaction. This is accomplished by helping children replace misbehavior with acceptable behavior.

    Each HMBG book:
    1. Defines a misbehavior
    2. Explains the cause of the misbehavior
    3. Discusses the negative effects of the misbehavior
    4. Offers suggestions for replacing the misbehavior with acceptable behavior

    Series Quote from Joy:

    “The HELP ME BE GOOD books help young children replace misbehavior with good behavior.”