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Hidden Object games are very popular today. A Hidden Object game sometimes also called Hidden Picture game is a genre of online puzzle video game in which the player must find several items from a list, hidden within an image / picture. Today, Hidden Object online games are a popular trend in casual gaming worldwide. ‘Hidden objects’ is a subcategory of flash games inside PNC games that is a category that requires the gamer to just point and click through his mouse. In these games you are shown a picture and given some objects that you have to identify inside this picture. Usually these objects are parts of this picture but when shown as separate items, they look different and make it difficult for you to spot inside the picture. These games test your observational sills as to how you can look closely and find out small details inside a picture. In fact these games present a visual puzzle where the gamer has to spot the arts of the larger picture inside the picture. These parts of the picture are presented at the top of the picture and the gamer has to identify and click as soon as he find it in the picture. In some of these games there is an interesting storyline that is presented before start to make it more exciting for the gamers. There are also hints if you are not able to identify the hidden objects in these games. Play these hidden objects games and have all the fun in your spare time.

The following Hidden Object games previews are not arranged alphabetically. Simply click on the picture of the Hidden Picture game you´d like to play below or have a look at the alphabetical order on the left side, if you search for a special online game. Enjoy our online Hidden Object games and have fun!

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    How observant are you? Improve your observation skills while having fun with these free online hidden object puzzles, or . Printable hidden picture puzzles are also available for the classroom or for those who prefer solving these puzzles on paper. Can you find all the objects hidden in the picture?

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