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Five different colored Read-with-Ease™ Highlighter Bookmarks: pink, turquoise, blue, yellow gold and green in a convenient carrying case. Choose the color that works best for you!

Only you know which color works best for you and will enhance your reading. The color you like best may change in different lighting. That’s why we offer five different color choices. Try all the colored bookmarks and choose the colored bookmark that feels right for your current reading situation. It’s a Bookmark and More! The Read-with-Ease Highlighter Bookmarks not only marks your page but can also help track your reading place and your pace.

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  • Highlight or Bookmark Feature of the Kindle Fire E-reader
  • Diigo Web Highlighter and Bookmark posted May 27, ..

    These options let you highlight bookmarks so they stand out from others. The highlighting options are: and. These options must be placedbetween the bookmark name and bookmark URL when editing bookmarks. The example below shows how bookmark highlighting options should be added to a bookmark when editing . . .

    If you find that perfect quote or a word you just have to read again at a later time, you can use the Highlight or Bookmark feature in the Kindle Fire e-reader.