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Title: Letters from Rifka Author: Karen Hesse Genre: Historical Fiction Main Characters: Rifka, Saul, Mama, Papa, Nathan,Tovah Setting: Russia, Poland, America Rifka’s family is forced to flee their home Berdichev Russia when Nathan comes to tell the family that the military is coming to take 16 year Saul to force him in the army. The family must first head for Poland. Rifka's journey to America is full of frightening things but she survives by writing letters to her favorite cousin Tovah.

We will list their internal and external qualities in a chart. Even in historical fiction, the characters need to be interesting, and have visible relationships, desires, and struggles. Think more deeply about what your characters look like. Writing Historical Fiction Developing Characters Taking Character Creation Seriously Today External Qualities Before Thanksgiving Break... We researched our topics on the first Thanksgiving.

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Definition of Historical Fiction

In historical fiction, creating realistic and memorable characters can present challenges not faced in other genres. Characters, like real people, are shaped by many factors, culture, heritage, religion, physical characteristics, birth order and life events. Memorable characters rebel at some of these influences. A classic example is Scarlett O’Hara in . Her rebellion from southern culture, Irish heritage and what is expected from a proper southern belle makes her one of the most memorable historical fiction characters ever.