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Saudi National Day commemorates the 1932 unification of the Kingdom by its founder, King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud. Today SUSRIS has assembled a package of materials to provide context to the celebration of the day. This item provides information on the history of Saudi Arabia and the US-Saudi relationship.

The beginning of the modern history of Saudi Arabia was when an Islamic named and a local ruler named founded the Saudi in the year 1744. It was founded in the central part of the . Over the next Century and a half, the Saud family saw bad and good times. The family also faced opposition from rulers of Egypt and the . The family also faced opposition from other powerful families of Arabia

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A Brief History of Saudi Arabia, by James Wynbrandt, covers the history of Saudi Arabia from 20,000 years ago, when the first inhabitants arrived near the end of the last Ice Age, to its founding as a kingdom, to present day. Wynbrandt highlights the paradoxes and problems of a kingdom originally founded on principles of tribalism and theocracy, that in the last century gained vast wealth, influence, and challenge, and became the moral leader of the Arab and Islamic world.

History of Saudi Arabia covers thousands of years with lots of people from different living there. There was a culture called the culture among them, which was very old and existed along the . It was as old as the ancient of and the . Saudi Arabia had relations with many parts of the ancient world, but the hot and harsh climate had made large difficult. Some settlements had always existed around ; these are places in the where growth and water are available.