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It is now 20 years since the first Horrible Histories books – Awesome Egyptians and Terrible Tudors – were published, so the first generation of children exposed to the grisly sensibility of Terry Deary and the cartoonist Martin Brown may now have children of their own. The output in those two decades has been extraordinary: there are now more than 100 titles, which have sold 20 million copies (eight million of those in translation), to 31 countries. There are sticker books, annuals, Horrible Histories Top Trumps, mugs, video games, roadshows and a magazine that was launched last autumn. The CBBC series was a relative latecomer to the party in 2009; before that, in 2001-2, there were two series of an animated version that never really took off, then in 2006 the Birmingham Stage Company secured the stage rights and has been touring with Horrible Histories stage productions ever since.

What are the Horrible Histories books like? Well, they are pretty horrible- for a squeamish person. They are full of fascinating (but pretty horrible) facts about the various time periods. They have fun pictures and little comic strips. There are snippets of actual letters written during that time period. There are gross things that the boys love, funny things to keep them reading and exciting stories that make them want more. These books are full of the stuff that is not in your average history book.

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    1993. The first year with a Horrible Histories book published in it. The first two Horrible Histories books: and we could have never done without. Without these two books we would be without Horrible Histories, The Show, the cartoon, the magazine, and the great spin-offs: Horrible Science, Murderous Maths, Horrible Geography and lots more would have never been published if it wasn't for and . Soon after, more books were published. The third Horrible Histories Book was . Ten years after 1993, the 10th Anniversary of Horrible Histories was celebrated by the book, . Then, 19 years after 1993 was 2012. A lot of change in time with Horrible Histories books. This year is the 20th Anniversary. 2013.

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