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Harry Venning in said, "Pity poor Sinéad Moynihan. Okay, don't pity her too much, because she's drop dead gorgeous and clearly in demand as an actor. But it must have been galling to get the second lead in sitcom How Not to Live Your Life, only to discover that the full extent of your contribution would be to look pretty and provide a sensible foil to the show's writer/star Dan Clark. Would it have killed Clark to throw the show's only female character the occasional funny line to deliver? This grump notwithstanding, I rather like How Not to Live Your Life. Clark's unorthodox delivery, combined with Don's almost wilful unloveability, takes some getting used to, but this is consistently amusing, frequently hilarious and totally addictive."

Dan Clark has been heard saying to fans after his recent live shows that they are unsure as to whether there will be a fourth series. On 27 May 2011 it was revealed by BBC Three's Controller Zai Bennett, that the show had been cancelled along with fellow BBC Three Comedies and . He explained that "They were good to the channel, but have had their time,". According to that statement Christmas Special of How Not to Live Your Life was the final episode.

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I guess we'll also find out relatively soon whether the BBC would like to do another series of How Not To Live Your Life. The reason I was so pleased to get another series is not just because of work, but because when the first series went out it became quite clear to me what worked and what didn't pretty quickly. When you realise the strengths and weaknesses of a first season you're desperate to do a second one where you can focus on the positives and iron out the problems. So now that we've got this slightly different setup, I'd be really excited to write some more!

Yeah. At some point I want to do a tour. I love doing stand-up, but I also want to do it so I can let those people who haven't seen anything I've done other than How Not To Live Your Life know that I'm not a complete git. Ha ha. Basically I want people to know that I'm not Don! There are bits of me that are Don, but at the end of the day I'm an alright bloke. Honest!