How to update Windows 7 and Windows Vista

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How to update the BIOS version in Windows system?

So the new program version 2014 (or version 9) is out there and you’re wondering how to update your avast! antivirus. Luckily you’re avast! user and you can do the program update completely for free. With some other vendors you would need to actually pay for the update but not with avast!.

3. Windows 8 will shows the updates available, click on it to view the updates offered by Microsoft for Windows 8 here you can see Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8 (KB2755399), you can install this selected update or all important updates by clicking Install button at the bottom.

How to update the BIOS version in Windows system

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    Well, if you are among the other users who have waited patiently to download and update their devices on right time or the unlucky ones? Then you are on right place at right time. Now it’s the right time for you to downloaded and update your device from iOS 6 to iOS 7. Today we have come up with an excellent guide on How to Update iOS 6 to iOS 7 using iTunes. Just follow the simple steps below to update your iOS6 to iOS 7 using iTunes.

    Learn how to update your iOS device wirelessly or using iTunes. iOS updates introduce new features that let you do even more with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Be sure to keep your devices updated so that you don't miss out on the latest features.