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I have just finished the last installment of the hunger games trilogy. Upon closing the book I was filled with mixed emotions and agree that the concluding chapters are far too rushed leaving it quite hard at times to absorb what had happened, simply because too much was happening at too fast a rate. There are definitely themes that could have been less marginalised and explored in more depth. That said, I was completely drawn into the story, it’s characters and the vivid description of panem. The mixed emotions I felt at the end only clarify how captivating and enthralling collins world truly becomes and would highly recommend these books to anyone.

Families can talk about why the creators of The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite allow product promotions on the site. Discuss the line of nail polish that's being marketed in connection with the film, for example. Is it OK that it's there? Who is its target?

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Suzanne Collins
Author Suzanne Collins describes her writing process, the Greek myth that influenced The Hunger Games, and adapting the books for film in this downloadable interview transcript. She also shares a list of her favorite novels!
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Learn about the backstories of the bestselling trilogy's characters and plot as described by the author herself.
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In this interview with Scholastic, Suzanne Collins discusses the success of the Hunger Games trilogy, the influence of media on children, and her love of reading and writing.
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Facts and figures about Suzanne Collins and the three books that make up The Hunger Games trilogy.
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Tweens active on The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite -- especially girls -- are abuzz with excitement surrounding the book series and movie, and the community on this site appears tight. Users can discuss topics ranging from the book's adaptation to thoughts on key characters. Authors can also submit sequel stories that put their own twist on existing material. As the "fansite" label suggests, users are the best part of the site. Unfortunately, a bombardment of promotions distracts from meaningful content. Links from fan art lead users down a rabbit hole of giveaways. Commercials for nail polish and character trading cards litter the "fun stuff" category. To boot, several pages load slowly or not at all.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite carries the latest announcements and paid plugs for the related books and movie. Offerings consist primarily of promotions, but there are a few solid outlets where fans can express themselves. They can take polls, create fan art, write fan fiction, read up on newsworthy announcements, and get the latest gossip about the actors. Despite being saturated with ads, rabid fans can find unique avenues for participation.