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I Need My Monster


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I love how interesting each new monster is and how they look more silly than scary and I think this is perfect for children who may be dealing with their own monster fears. I Need My Monster makes the idea of a “monster” seem more comforting than scary making it great for young children.

I Need My Monster is a fun tale of a little boy who misses his monster that routinely sleeps under his bed. As he tries to find a replacement that will be just the right fit for him, he is greeted by various other monsters that don’t quite fit the bill. In this e-book children will not only be entertained by this unique story, but will also love the awesome interactive illustrations and animation as they read this fun tale to themselves or with the narrator. There is also an opportunity for added fun with the matching and follow-me games included making this app more than just an e-book for young children to enjoy.

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Image from inside 'I Need My Monster'

Storyline: I Need My Monster with English subtitles: A monster-under-the-bed story to make you giggle: Ethan likes his monster, and even more, he needs him in order to fall asleep! One night, Ethan’s monster, Gabe, takes off for a fishing trip, leaving a note promising he’ll come back in a week. Since a week without sleeping worries Ethan, he auditions substitute monsters to stand in under his bed until Gabe returns. The author turns a common childhood fear into a reason for laughs, and the illustrations are as wonderful as the premise of the book.

: Amanda Noll has written a humorous and original book for children about a boy missing the monster lurking beneath his bed at night. I love the power of Ethan’s imagination! What a great way to help kids turn their fears into laughter. This book is an entertaining read for both children and adults — one that will elicit growls and slurps as each character is acted out. It will certainly become a bedtime favorite begging to be read repeatedly. Howard McWilliam’s illustrations are bold and eye-popping. The illustrations are drawn by pencil on paper, and is painted with digital acrylic paint. The book is very large and adds to the appeal for kids. You may visit on her website. I Need My Monster has won countless awards.