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Now onto the soundtrack! Idolmaster being what it is focuses heavily on the performances of the girls in front of the public and as such the soundtrack is robust with catchy j-pop tunes and every episode has at least one new song and a new ending theme usually about the girl the episode focused on. I thought this was a good choice given how much the Idol profession relies on many forms of Media to succeed, and the show really showcases this with all the different things the girls end up doing wither its singing, acting, or just modeling all are fleshed out and usually have a catchy tune to go with them.

Now I don’t know about any of you but I love costumes, and verity in character design. Idolmaster has this in spades. All of the girls are very fashionable and rarely will you see them in the same outfits and instead you’ll see them wearing themes such as the tomboy Makoto wearing fashionable mens clothing like pants and button up shirts, or the ever elegant Takane wearing long flowing gowns. This creates a lot of verity that a lot of anime lacks, gone are the days of characters wearing the same outfit from episode 1 to episode 26 kupo!

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    Over all Idolmaster is a great slice of life show and makes the world of Idols and popularity really interesting and fun to watch. If there was something wrong with this show I’d have to say its cheesecake in that it won’t stay with you very long and is generally fanservice.

    Idolmaster focuses on a pretty large cast of characters, from the twelve aspiring idols to the staff that manages them. There is no shortage of stories to tell in these girl’s fast paced and exciting lives. What Idolmaster does really well is create believable and relatable characters. All of the girls have hopes, dreams, and unique personalities that makes choosing your favorite idols easy to do. Whats unique about this is how well it’s done. Most anime that contain a large cast often have characters that are forgotten or left with little development but Idolmaster manages to throw several characters into an episode at a time so that even when the main focus is on one girl you learn about three or four.