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Basically, with certain exception (such as the various titles directly overseen by Robert Kirkman, or Todd McFarlane, and respectively closely connect to the events of Invincible, or Spawn alone) each of them has a continuity that is only reasonably consistent with itself. The authors are sometimes allowed to use each other's characters, but the stories do not affect or reflect the other sections of Image comicbooks at all.

The original team was led by Battlestone, who had been a former member of Youngblood, as well as a member of Image Comics' "Golden Age" team the . Having been expelled from Youngblood following the deaths of several Youngblood members who at the time were under his command, he later went on to form Brigade alongside Kayo, Boone and Lethal, but when one of their missions went awry, he disbanded the team, leaving Boone and Lethal out in the cold. Some time later, at Kayo's urging, Battlestone recruited brothers Seahawk and Coldsnap, using their newly inherited vast wealth to finance the team. Later on Thermal and Atlas joined the group, and their final member Stasis was introduced as well. The team's first major enemy was the evil Prince Genocide, who wreaked havoc in their city before both he and Brigade were teleported back to Genocide's homeworld and were stranded there for a time. After being aided by a group of alien freedom fighters called the Birds of Prey, the team managed to escape back to Earth, but not before a climactic battle with Genocide resulted in the death of Atlas.

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Image Comics (or just Image) is the 3rd largest comic publishing company in the world, after and . It was founded in 1992, and has grown from there. It has an imprint publisher called TopCow. As well as superhero comics such as Spawn and Invincible, Image also has a large focus on author owned stories, such as The Walking Dead, Saga, Chew & Sex Criminals.

Before the team could address the matter of Thermal's expose, the majority of them were killed off during the Extreme Sacrifice storyline, one of Extreme Studios' company-wide events by the assassin called Crypt, with the exceptions of Seahawk and Lethal, who was propelled into the future. They were replaced by more recognizable characters from the Image Comics universe, including 's and and 's . Seahawk acted as the team's commander, although he had effectively retired from superheroing after the deaths of his brother and teammates.