An Indian Standing and Holding his Tomahawk

The Indian in the Cupboard


Consulate General of India in San Francisco

Visa applicants holding US passports (only those born in USA or with Indian origin are eligible) can apply for EMERGENCY VISAS at the M/S Cox & Kings Global Services Visa Application Centre located at 1st Floor, 225 Bush Street San Francisco, CA 94104.

It may be noted that guidelines are being revised to the effect that applicants of Pakistan nationality or foreigners of Pakistan origin can either apply in person at the outsourcing office (M/S Cox & Kings Global Services) or by guardians of minor applicants only or send their applications by post. The facility of third party filing of visa applications stands withdrawn for the Consulate General of India in San Francisco with immediate effect for all visa applicants who are citizens of Pakistan and all foreigners of Pak origin. NO visa applications of above applicants shall be accepted through third party agents or travel agents, etc.

ISIS in Sri Lanka: Indian intelligence hoax or a real threat?

87. Blackfoot Indians chasing buffalo, Three Buttes, Montana. Artwork by John M. Stanley, 1853-55.

88. Eskimos harpooning a whale, Point Barrow, Alaska. Photographed by Stanley Morgan, 1935.

89. An Uainuint Paiute aiming a rifle, southwestern Utah. Photographed by John K. Hillers, 1873.

New Ferrari GTC4Lusso Might Come to India in 2017

can be pretty interesting, given that you are well prepared (psychologically) to be a part of a jubilant bunch of people. India is such a place, which can amaze you to a level beyond imagination. So if you are planning a volunteering stint in India in near future, make sure you are aware of the above mentioned things.

India is a country rich with artistry talent and prodigies. Bollywood, the main film industry of India, along with other regional film industry (mainly the south film industry) forms the largest film industry in the world. People in India are too much attached with the cinema, and in fact get influenced to a significant scale by the stories and characters. Also, there is one thing that brings together the entire nation, no matter from what creed they come from, which state, what financial or social background they represent; this one thing bonds the entire nation together…… a game of Cricket! You now know why and how Indians can get slightly melodramatic at times and why they are pretty “Moody”!?