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Like Indiana Jones escaping a trap at the last minute me and my girlfriend narrowly avoided breaking up after playing the Indiana Jones DVD Adventure Game. We are no strangers to , but this one had it in for us with some serious anger inducing moments.

This "Indiana Jones DVD Adventure Game" was made by Parker Brothers, Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI and Copyright in 2008. It comes complete with 24 Temple tiles, 1 Hall of Ancestors start tile, 4 Indiana Jones movers (red, blue, green, yellow), 31 Cardboard gold coins, 5 Cardboard gold medallions, 1 DVD, 1 8-sided specialty die, 3 Plastic relics, 1 Part sheet with boulders, 40 Fortune and Glory cards, Plastic box insert and the Adventure guide. All pieces are factory sealed and in very good, un-used condition and come in the original box which shows very little shelf and edge wear with no split corners.

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  • In order to play Indiana Jones DVD Adventure Game, you will have to provide a TV, DVD player, and remote.

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    I’d like to take a second to complain about the cover of the Indiana Jones DVD Adventure game. Why is that kid so excited? It’s like he’s seeing tits for the first time. Talk about over selling this thing.

    Bullwhips! Stubble! Mine carts! Choosing things! All the most famous hallmarks of the Indiana Jones franchise...upon which the Indiana Jones DVD Adventure Game is based. We choose a Harrison Ford pawn and work our way through a modular dungeon as we fight exotic thugs and avoid dangerous traps in search of ancient artifacts. Once the temple is thoroughly looted, players race to the exit to avoid being crushed by stuff in the name of archaeology. Does this game deliver a thrilling adventure to fortune and glory, or will it melt our faces off when we open the box?