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Icons of Sci-Fi: Toho Collection (The H-Man / Battle in Outer Space / Mothra)


A.K.A.~ 1969, Ishiro Honda -Japan

December - A collection ofinterviews with Honda during his life titled “Honda Ishiro – Gjira towaga eiga jinsei (Ishiro Honda - “Godzilla” And My Life In Film)”(publisher: Jitsugyononihonsha) published.

Amemorial article written by Susumu Shimokawa in the April issue offanzine "Voice Last Issue - Ishiro Honda Special" and a completetranscript of a lecture (talk session with critic Yuichiro Nishimura)held at the 8th Furuyu Film Festival in 1991 published.

(AKA ) -1964, Ishiro Honda – Japan

Ishiro Honda
Birth Date Birth Place
May 7, 1911 Yamagata Prefecture,
First Appearance Notable Work
A Story of a Co-Op Godzilla

– Godzilla de Ishirô Honda + Le Retour de Godzilla (HK Vidéo)

As devastating and catastrophic as all these ugly events of war were, and still are, director Ishiro Honda (who had visited Nagasaki after the war) decided to make a film that is Science Fiction in nature, but in reality tip-toes very lightly over some very brutal and harsh truths about atomic warfare and the effect it directly had on the Japanese, and ultimately, mankind. GODZILLA is so much more than just a “monster movie”.

Memorialarticle “Tsuitou – Honda Ishiro Kantoku Arigatou, Gojira wa Eien Nifumetsu Desu! (Memorial – Thank You,Director Ishiro Honda, Godzilla is Forever Immortal!)” published in theMarch 23rd issue of “Shuukan Playboy”.