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Maybe you’re reading a hilarious take on family that’s spot on about yours. Or you come across a fact that supports the premise of your thesis. All you know is, you have to share it. With iBooks, you can share the perfect phrase directly from the page on Facebook or Twitter. You can also send a snippet via text or email.

Get your books in front of millions of readers. Submit books to iBooks in three easy steps. Or offer your book for pre-order while you finish writing the book.

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  • The NIST released the Open eBook format based on XML to the public domain, most future e-book formats derive from Open eBook.[70] and on XML.
  • Publisher Simon & Schuster created a new imprint called ibooks and became the first trade publisher to simultaneously to publish some of their titles in e-book and print format.
  • Oxford University Press offered a selection of its books available as e-books through netLibrary.
  • Publisher Baen Books opens up the Baen Free Library to make available Baen titles as free e-books.[71]
  • Kim Blagg, via her company Books OnScreen, began selling multimedia-enhanced e-books on CDs through retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders Books.[72]

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Widgets add Multi-Touch magic to books on iPad and Mac. They bring your reader swipe-friendly photo galleries, animations that burst off the page, scrolling sidebars to linger over, Pop-Over widgets for an element of surprise, and engrossing 3D objects that are entertaining and interactive. And now widgets can be set to play automatically, offering your readers a fun surprise when they turn the page. With iBooks Author, it’s easy to create a book that’s as much fun to explore as it is to read.

Audiobooks are just the thing when you want a story read to you. In OS X, you’ll find them in iTunes. In iOS 9, you can purchase and play audiobooks right in iBooks. They’ll appear on your library shelf just like your other books. And listening to a book is every bit as intuitive as reading one thanks to an all-new interface. You can even take your books on the road by tapping the Audiobooks icon on your CarPlay touchscreen. With iBooks for iOS, you can experience a great read in more ways than one.