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Jade: Fighting to the End: My Autobiography 1981–2009


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Jade Goody, the reality television star who was suffering from cervical cancer has died. She died at her home in Upshire, Essex, at 3.14am on Mother's Day.

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British Television Personality. She lived the last several years of her life and went thru her terminal illness in front of the camera. Raised in South London amidst addiction and poverty, she had little education and seemed an unlikely candidate for wealth and stardom when she landed a spot on Channel 4's "Big Brother" in 2002. Jade's antics and brash personality made her a hit and a regular on British "reality" television. She was to become a frequent contributor to gossip magazines such as "heat" and "OK" while writing a weekly column for "Now"; a fragrence called "Shh...Jade Goody" became a best seller and in May of 2006 her book "Jade: My Autobiography" was released. Trouble appeared in January 2007 when she was booted-off "Big Brother" under charges of racism toward an Indian guest whom she allegedly called a "dot head", though the guest was later to say she did not perceive the remarks as racist. Stores dropped her perfume and sales of her book and exercise videos fell. Jade appeared on "Big Boss", the Indian-version of "Big Brother", in an effort to rebuild her image while also lending her name to a cookbook called "Christmas Dinner With Jade Goody" and marketing a second fragrence, "Controversial". On August 19, 2008, she received a diagnosis of cervical cancer on live-television; Jade returned to England for treatment and published a second book "Jade: Catch a Falling Star" but on February 4, 2009, it was learned that her disease was terminal. She requested and received baptism and on February 22nd. married her boyfriend Jack Tweed, selling the television rights for a large sum. She explained that in "marketing" her illness and death she was raising money for the future care of her two sons. As a result of Jade's cancer fight playing out in public large numbers of young girls sought cervical cancer screening and England's National Health Service revised its policy on testing for girls under 25.

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  • Jade Goody's emotional written farewell to her children

    01 Apr 2009
  • Jade Goody died of cervical cancer one year ago today.

    "I know I'm famous for nothing," she once said with trademark honesty. No matter: the rise of Jade Goody seemed unstoppable. When the former dental nurse entered the Big Brother house, she had just been evicted from a Rotherhithe council flat in south-east London, owing £3,000 of unpaid rent, and was facing jail over an unpaid council tax bill. Five years later she had amassed a fortune of £2m from her property portfolio, her fitness video, a perfume and a show called Jade's Salon on Living TV which captured the goings on at her beauty salon, called Ugly's, in Hertford. She even, aged 24, had the zeitgeisty temerity to publish her picaresque autobiography and, like everything else she touched at that time, it turned to gold.

    In August, 2008 Jade Goody was informed by Bigg Boss (Indian Big Brother) that she had cancer. She argued against Big Brother claiming that she was, in fact, a Gemini before calling Bigg Boss a 'stupid poppadum bastard' who should 'just fuck off or something, alrite??!' before selling her story to every UK tabloid. She dashed home, promptly shaved off all her hair and began dying in front of 57 cameras, all streaming independent TV channel feeds around the world.